A selection a videos showing Mac Ride in action. 

It is an honour to be able to share videos from our amazing Mac Riding community. Of course, many of the riders featured are extremely experienced, and it's fun to show them riding a range of trails. While these trails might not be appropriate for you, all adults using Mac Ride should be intermediate riders, very comfortable getting on and off the bike while their child is on board, and all should ride well within their means. The adult rider is entirely responsible for using Mac Ride appropriately. Remember- "When in doubt, leave it out."

The Spirit of Family Riding, with Mac Ride!

Mackinley rides shotgun on an adventure in the National Spirit Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Wee Ruby goes on her very first Mac Ride Adventure.      she loves it! 

To install Mac Ride is very easy and takes less than 1 minute - no sweat.

Loving the Mac-ride at Glentress today.