Mac Ride sells for 199 USD, plus shipping and plus tax, which vary depending on the rates set by the country of purchase and the exchange rate.


In Canada, Mac Ride costs roughly ~$280-310 CAD (INCLUDING TAX + SHIPPING)


In the United Kingdom, Mac Ride costs roughly ~200 GBP (INCLUDING TAX + SHIPPING)


In EU Countries, Mac Ride costs roughly ~220-239 EUROS (INCLUDING TAX + SHIPPING)

EUROPEAN Countries not in the EU & Rest of World

In the rest of the world, Mac Ride costs 199 USD and the customer pays for the relevant taxes and duties on the seat's delivery. These depend on the country of purchase. 

Why is Mac Ride sold in USD when it is run by a Canadian company?

Mac Ride was designed while we lived in Scotland, brought to life while living in Vancouver, and now operated out of our home in Victoria, BC. We trade in USD largely because we pay for all of our goods in manufacturing in USD, and we are currently too small to have website in multiple countries running in local currencies. That is our goal, however! We don't want customers to lose on the exchange rates and on credit card fees, so we know this is a priority. 

What does the shipping fee cover?

Shipping charges usually range from $19-39.00 US per seat. Certain countries are priced individually based on very expensive shipping costs and taxes, depending on whether we cover these in advance. We do not earn any money on shipping! The charge covers the fee we pay for shipping, and the shipping fee for the staff who label and post your item.