Mac Ride Mounting Bracket-- Spacer Installation

The initial step to your very first Mac Ride adventure, is to install the Mac Ride mounting bracket. Before completing this step, read the below information and watch the below video.

The mounting bracket is a small, light weight ring that replaces existing spacer(s) on your bike's steerer tube. Every Mac Ride comes with two such spacers-- one already snug in the Mac Ride front mounting bracket, and another in your package.

4-2017-05-30 18.02.11.jpg

The Mac Ride Mounting Bracket is a lightweight spacer. It must be installed properly in order to Mac Ride safely.

In order to install your spacer, you need to-- 

  1. Remove your stem. The stem is attached to your handlebars. So, for this step, the handlebars will come off too.
  2. Exchange the Mac Ride spacer for existing spacers on your steerer tube (10mm).
  3. Put your stem (and handlebars) back on your bike.

Once on your bike, the spacer can be left there, virtually unnoticeable, so that you can then easily take your Mac Ride on and off in less than a minute.

Watch the video here to learn how to install your Mac Ride Mounting Bracket Spacer. If you do not feel comfortable doing this install on your own, take your bike and Mac Ride to a professional mechanic for help.

  • WARNING: Your Stem must be properly installed in order to have safe and effective steering. Unless properly installed, you may experience Dangerous steering problems.