Mac Ride Installation Video (After mounting bracket spacer install)

It's important to watch in full!

Please check over all of the seat components and listen carefully to the below video before your first Mac Ride run. There is key information found in this video, including a demonstration of the importance of adjusting the Mac Ride stirrups. The Mac Ride stirrups can move forward and back by loosening the screw of the "stirrup hinge" found at the front of Mac Ride. To adjust the angle of the stirrups, loosen the bolt, adjust the legs, and re-tighten the bolt. 


  • You must test the angle of the stirrups with your child on board to ensure there is room at your child's feet by the font wheel to safely turn the handlebars.
  • Once the stirrup angle is set, the screw at the side needs to be securely tightened (without over-cranking). 
  • While riding, you should periodically check the angle to ensure clearance has been maintained. Always ride with your allen key.