Frequently asked questions

We love YOUr questions! We've gathered FAQ answers here:


1. Will Mac Ride fit on any bike?

Please read "Is Mac Ride compatible with my bike?" for answers to this important question!

Mac Ride will fit on any bike with 1 1/8" steerer tube, a 1 1/4" Overdrive 2 steerer tube from Giant, and a quill stem (we currently have an adapter for quill stems at 7/8").

2. What amount of Space do i need under my stem for the Mac Ride spacer?

See "Is Mac Ride compatible with my bike?"


Please see "Is Mac Ride compatible with my bike?" for details. In short:

  • Mountain bikes and commuters - Yes.
  • Short stems - Most of the depends.
  • E-Bikes - Most of the depends.
  • Brampton folding bikes, cannondale lefty, road bikes/dropper bars - Unfortunately not.

4. Which spacer does my bike need? 

The answer lies in the steerer tube. There are five main steerer tube sizes:

  •  1 1/8" - Threadless steerer tube - the most common - on most modern mountain bikes, most road bikes and many commuter bikes - Mac Ride compatible
  • 1 1/4" - Threadless steerer tube - less common, only Giant bikes ~2011-2014 (Overdrive 2) - Mac Ride compatible
  • 7/8" - Quill type stem with threaded steerer tube - Mac Ride compatible
  • 1" - Quill type stem with threaded steerer tube - Not Mac Ride compatible
  • 1.5" - Threadless steerer tube - less common and being phased out - not compatible with Mac Ride

If you are unsure, you can measure with a ruler, take your bike to a bike shop, and/or take a look online at your bike specifications. 

5. What is the minimum & maximum diameter of the seat post?

The range for the rear mount that fits on the seat post is 27.2 to 31.6 mm (this should cover 99% of all seat posts). Thinner seat posts can have a rubber patch to thicken the post. 

6. My Child is 2 but small for her age. Can we still use Mac Ride?

The most important indicators for determining if your child is ready for Mac Ride are here (strength, listening skills, teamwork etc). If you are still interested in examining fit with leg length etc, check out this pro image:

  • When the saddle is adjusted forward (for small children), the distance down to the footrests when the stirrups are in their shortest position is 23cm.
  • When the saddle is adjusted backward (for larger children), the distance down to the footrests when they are in their longest position is 32cm.
Mac Ride - short to long stirrups.jpg

Saddle moves forward & back.

Stirrups adjust short to long.

(In this image, we have not pivoted the stirrups. They too adjust, forward and back.)

7. for how long can i continue to use mac ride with my child?

Mac Ride is for children aged 2 to 5. Our recommended weight maximum for your child is 60lbs. That said, we also ask parents to consider how they feel with their child on board. If you are relatively short, and your child is tall, you might find your child's helmet obstructs your view. Or perhaps your pedal stroke won't be natural for you if her legs long. Alternatively, if you are tall, and your child is small for his age, perhaps you'll be able to use Mac Ride for longer. You need to feel comfortable and safe while riding, and while getting on and off your bike with your child on board. One key determination: can you set up Mac Ride so that your child is comfortable, and you can continue to safely turn your handlebars with complete clearance from your child's feet? If not, and you have done all the adjustments possible to pivot the stirrups backward etc, she is probably too big.

8. How long Does it take to take Mac Ride On or off?

Less than a minute! We've had a bit of practice; we can install/remove the seat in under 30 seconds!

9. What tools do i need to take mac ride on and off my bike?

Once your Mac Ride spacer is installed, you only need an allen key. Et voila!

10. My child can ride already. Why would I want mac Ride?

Mac Ride is ideal for the 2-3 year olds who can't get much further than the front gate ("carry me" "I tiiiiiiired" "buggy buggy buggy").  It's also amazing for the older years-- 4 and 5.

When a child can ride on her own, it doesn't mean she's ready for a cycle on her own bike around a remote lake on her next family adventure.  Nor does it mean she wouldn't love to have a change in riding style, joining her mom with Mac Ride on a longer, lovely loop.  In fact, we think swapping between the two is ideal for child development.  Hit the pump track for your child to enjoy the lessons of balance and independent riding. Then have a go with Mac Ride so your child can gain an understanding of speed and flow, and how to handle those trickier bits on the trail.

11. What is "the Mac-Ride-Scoot"?

A few folk have written in asking how we strap Mac's run bike and his pedal bike to our backpacks-- a perfect strategy for those longer rides when you want your little one to stretch his legs and practice on his own wheels, but you want Mac Ride to help cover the full loop or climb the big hill. 

The Mac-Ride-Scoot adventure is the equivalent of the lazy rider's shuttle for toddlers. But way more fun. Let's skip the know, feed kid, hit the potty, get to forest etc. Jumping straight to the trail head:

  • Step 1: Place helmet snugly on child's head.
  • Step 2: Load scoot bike onto back pack. 
  • Step 3: Place child on Mac Ride and put feet into Mac Ride stirrups. 
  • Step 4: Ride up hill. Up hill. For a successful Mac-Ride-Scoot adventure, a downhill start is a no go, nothing but a recipe for parental-hunched-over pushing and toddler tears. So, step 4 features a climb. 
  • Step 5: At top of hill, remove child from Mac Ride, place child on scoot bike, and enjoy the glorious descent!

We don't use any additional straps or hooks, simply what's already built into our Dakine Nomad backpack. 


Yes! We have no official research, but we really think so! With Mac Ride, your child gets to hold on to your handlebars, feel the turns, and look at the lines ahead. How can it not help give them a sense of what it is like to ride themselves?

When it came to his scoot bike, our son stood over the crossbar and shuffled about for weeks. It was painful to watch. On one sunny day, on a smooth wide track, Mac asked for his bike to come off of my back, he climbed down from his perch on Mac Ride, got on his bike, and scooted off without a word.

13. Where can I buy a Mac-Ride? 

We are taking pre-orders for Mac Ride via our online shop:  

14. Where do you ship?

We ship internationally. In our first production run, we shipped to 32 countries. We have challenges with importing into certain countries (eg, in Russia and Brazil) so shipping seats to these countries may prove difficult. We do not take a profit on shipping and if the cost exceeds what we have charged, we reserve the right to ask for the total shipping cost to be met by the customer. If the customer does now wish to do this, we will refund in full.

15. How much does Mac Ride cost? 

We are currently offering Mac Ride at $219, discounted to $199 (US dollars). Orders are exclusive of shipping, taxes and international duty fees. Shipping and taxes are sometimes added at point of purchase. International duty fees are sometimes charged to customers directly upon receiving their Mac Ride. 

Upon purchase you will receive an email receipt stating all charges excluding duty fees. You need to retain this receipt in the case of a return.

16. How much can I expect to pay for customs?

We wish we had a good answer for you. In Canada, the US and EU countries, it is nada, $0. In other countries, we have heard a range from $0 to $60US. Usually, it is circa $20US or less.

17. I have ordered a mac ride. How long will it take to arrive? 

See shipping information here

18. Is Mac Ride Safe?

Riding with children always comes with risk. With that context in mind, we feel the answer is--  Yes! Have a look here and here for information on safety.