Family Adventure!

Hello Mac Ride Community!

Curious about whether Mac Ride actually packs up as neat and tidy as we say? Wonder whether you would ever actually take the seat on an international adventure? Is travelling with small children on bikes bananas, or awesome?

This post is the first of many featuring our upcoming family trip to Vietnam where we'll be using trains, planes, automobiles, bikes and... Mac Ride!

It's been so many months of working round the clock, hitting and overcoming road blocks in the wild ride of entrepreneurial venture, passing the kids back and forth like hot potatoes. Now it's time for us to bring back some of our philosophy around carving out time for the outdoors and time for family adventure (the very philosophy that brought Mac Ride to life!).

So, as our manufactures attentively progress with the first Mac Ride production run, and before we visit the factory for quality assurance, off we go from YVR to HAN. We'll keep you posted on how we get on!

- the Mac Ride Team