5 Easy Steps for your Mac-Ride-Scoot Adventure

The Mac-Ride-Scoot adventure is the equivalent of the lazy rider's shuttle for toddlers. But way more fun.

Let's skip the preamble....you know, feed kid, hit the potty, get to forest etc.

Let's jump straight to the trail head for Step 1: Place helmet snugly on child's head. 






Step 2: Load scoot bike onto back pack. Yes, I always have on a cheeky grin when putting Mac's scoot bike on my back pack. Always.





Step 3: Place child on Mac Ride and put feet wearing ridiculously-overpriced-croc-like shoes into fancy Mac Ride stirrups.





Step 4: Ride up hill. Up hill. For a successful Mac-Ride-Scoot adventure, a downhill start is a no go, nothing but a recipe for parental-hunched-over pushing and toddler tears. So, step 4 features a climb. 

Step 5: At top of hill, remove child from Mac Ride, place child on scoot bike, and enjoy the glorious descent!