Introducing Emie

Introducing Emie.

Emie Mac Ride Tester.jpg

Pretty cute, right?  Right.  So why is she so sad? 

Emie Eating Dirt.jpg

Because she just ate dirt? Nope. Because her Dad (MegaSmith) shot her pic in black and white? Nope. We know the answer! It's because she doesn't have one of these:

2013-07-05 19.23.40.jpg

But she will soon.  Because Emie is one of our Mac Ride testers in a growing squad of awesome International toddlers who are going to give our seat a fast and furious whirl, providing us with invaluable feedback for our final design.  

Yes-- the shirts are in! Sizes 2-4 and 4-6, perfect for Mac Riding muchkins.

Hang on Emie-in-Scotland, your saddle and your shirt are coming soon!.