Mac Ride Testers: Brother and Sister Combo-- Griff and CC!

Griff and CC are our awesome brother and sister mac ride testing team from Squamish.  Looks like it's gonna be tough to get Griff off those hot red wheels, but we'll see if we can get a grin like that with him on Mac Ride with his Mom or Dad for the odd loop!

Griffin Redline.jpg

Name: Griffin

Nickame: Griff

Age: 4

Helmet: Ski Helmet – Gyro Black

Toy of all toys: Water Spraying – no rules. If you are in range, you get wet.

Favourite homemade word:  CC – Sienna his sister (see below!)

Best on-the-go snack: Breakfast bar

Ultimate storybook: Recapping the day – his story telling can go for hours

Playing outside is ... where I see my friends

When I grow up I want to be... a Daddy (Griffin thinks going to work is more fun than staying home.)


 Life is good when you have a pump track in the hood

Life is good when you have a pump track in the hood

 CC hits the pump track at Alice Lake

CC hits the pump track at Alice Lake

Introducing Little Sister CC!

Name: Sienna

Nickname: CC

Age: 23 months

Helmet: Pink Bell

The toy of all toys: Trampoline

Favourite homemade word: Creating a bubble sound by puckering her lips – symbolizing the “fishy game on Ipad”

Best on-the-go snack: Anything her brother is eating

Ultimate storybook: Goodnight Moon

Playing outside is ... where the trampoline is

Griff and CC, you guys are in riding heaven and we are looking forward to hearing about your end-of-summer trail adventures!