Mac Ride Tester: Mackinley


Mac Ride Tester: Mackinley

Nickname: Mac

Age: 2 1/2  

Helmet: Giro, royal blue

The toy of all toys: Lightening McQueen and Mader-- in his pocket, close by, while on the bike

Favourite homemade word: "cocké" (means helicopter, plane, anything that flies)

Best on-the-go snack: Pistachio and cashew nuts

Ultimate story: 'The Seaweed Café', from Auntie Shark and Uncle Ty 

Playing outside is...  "muddy, the way I like it!"

When I grow up, I want to be a... "fireman"


All we can say about wee Mac is that he LOVES to ride. He's been on our very first Mac Ride prototype since the beginning and not a day goes by that he doesn't ask to take a spin.  We might bribe him the odd time with a sweetie, but mostly, he's just a happy, kind, adventurous, young lad.  (Does this mean we will have a cranky, acne-covered, bratty teen?!)