Introducing Three Mac Ride Testers with a Past

It all started here.

The scene is is set back in 2011. There is a smell of beer and breast milk in the air.  The space is cozy with a wood burning stove in the corner. Everyone is fresh-faced from a recent play in the nearby forest. 

On our left, we have baby Mac and mom.  In the middle, introducing Emie and her dad, MegaSmith.  And on the right, we present Jessica, with her father, Jonathon.  

The parents are enjoying a casual beverage at their local, the Bridge of Allan Brewery. Meanwhile, the babies are sharing design ideas for the best on-&-off-road-saddle-for-young-children in the world.  Yes, in the world. 

Mac Emie Jessica Librewery.JPG

 Jessica: I want to be be able to stand up.  I don't want to be plunked down for the ride.  I want to be free, to lean into my turns and chat with my Dad as we explore.  

Emie: The saddle itself needs to be first class. I want smooth contour lines that are represented mathematically by z(x,y) = x2 - y2.  Also, I don't want to wait for my Dad to put the saddle on his bike. I'm ready to go, NOW!

Mac says: Whatever--as long as it's named after me. 

All three got their wish! 

Soon, we'll feature each one of these small munchkins, sharing with your their ups, their downs, and their ultimate triumphs as they test ride the latest Mac Ride prototype and bring together their vision for the best on-&-off-road-saddle-for-young-children in the world. Yes, in the world