Let's Start with the Mac Ride Story

We are very excited to be starting our Mac Ride blog.  We are passionate about sharing thoughts on mountain biking and outdoor adventuring from a family perspective. Our first post is simply, The Mac Ride Story, as presented on our website, here.  We'll also take this opportunity to introduce the writing team:

I'll be posting as Glen, CEO of Mac Ride, father, gadget nerd, and outdoor enthusiast. My angle will be varied.  But if I know myself, my focus will probably be around the wimpification theme as captured in our story:

"I worry about the wimpification of today's children. I think kids should be exposed to the power of their bodies and the risks of the outdoors.  Then they can learn about good choices and build confidence and resilience."

My wife, Ashley, will also post a story or two.  She brings an amazing mom-, business executive-, chocolate-loving perspective.  Her focus will be the "nursery gridlock" -- can we live an active, engaged life and do it with young children too?

And, of course, our kids, Savannah and Mackinley will be putting forward their views. Savvy will bring her wonderful, intense, funny, and wise reflections on bigsisterhood, camping, and fashion.  Mac will babble a bit in toddler speak, smile a lot, and bring a lighter, sillier side as he shares his love for speed and fire-roasted marshmallows.

Here's to your next family adventure!